Fronius TPS/i Firmware V1.8.2

What’s new?


New design: SmartManager

The browser-based SmartManager has a new user-friendly design.



  • All TPS/i functions are available on the go
  • Browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • 32 languages


New function: user management

The new “user management” function enables you to manage different user roles with individual authorisation rights.

user management


  • A personalised keycard makes it quick and easy to log in
  • Individual authorisation rights for each user (functions are shown or hidden)
  • Personalised settings – mother tongue of the user, pre-defined parameters and much more besides
  • Makes it easier to comply with the welding procedure specification using pre-defined settings


New option: OPT/i Limit monitoring

This option allows job-specific limit values to be set and warns if the limit is exceeded.

Limit monitoring


  • Makes early detection of errors in the weld seam possible
  • Saves time and money – prompt responses to errors can reduce the number of rejects

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